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China's Marxist "Profound Revolution" Is Here, And Nobody In The West Is Ready

2021-09-27 8:00

Michael Every, Global Strategist at Rabobank joins Paul for a conversation about his widely discussed report. "China's Marxist "Profound Revolution" Is Here, And Nobody In The West Is Ready Developments in China continue to confound market optimists, with new talk of a “profound revolution” towards a new target of “Common Prosperity”. Rather than simply react to these events, Michael analyzes the history of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Thought to try to put current moves under Xi Jinping Thought in a larger context that many Western investors fail to appreciate.


Michael Every

Global Strategist - Rabobank

Brendan Ahern - KraneShares CIO

2021-09-28 12:00

KraneShares CIO, Brendan Ahern, returns to US-China Series to discuss the latest developments surrounding Chinese tech regulation. A calm voice throughout, Brendan will provide some rational thinking to the often irrational debate about public equity investing in China


Brendan Ahern

Chief Investment Officer - KraneShares

Yield Transformed - Long Volatility as an asymmetrical return profile

2021-09-29 8:00

In the midst of an unprecedented bull market in risky assets, tail protection has never been more important even if the source of those risks can be clouded by Central Bank Liquidity. 36 South specializes in the creation and management of asymmetrical portfolios with an emphasis on crisis protection and we are joined by Portfolio Manager, Neale Jackson to discuss ways to protect against outlier scenarios.


Neale Jackson

Portfolio Manager - 36 South