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Join business leaders, investors, academics and members of government to forge a deeper and long-lasting understanding of how two different economic and political models can see through their differences for the benefit of the world at large.

Hedging Inflation - Neale Jackson 36 South

2021-12-01 6:00

Neale Jackson, Portfolio Manager at 36 South, returns for a conversation about hedging inflation through asymmetric volatility strategies. With the highest inflation prints since 1990, this could not be any more topical.


Neale Jackson

Portfolio Manager - 36 South

2021 US-China Review and Outlook for the Year Ahead

2021-12-09 12:00

On December 9th, Paul hosts an outstanding China panel year in US-China and what we can expect in 2022. We are proud to host, Bonnie Glaser (German Marshall Fund), Naomi Wilson (ITI) Barbara Finamore and Michal Meidan (Oxford Institute for Energy Studies), Nina Xiang (China Money Network) and Courtney McCaffrey (EY). Our discussion will cover the outlook for Tech, Investment, the Supply Chain, Climate, and the Geopolitical framework, every driver of the investment outlook in 2022. This is not just an all-female panel. It is the best panel we could put together to discuss every facet of the most important strategic relationship of our lifetime.


Bonnie Glaser

The German Marshall Fund of the United States

Naomi Wilson

Vice President of Policy, Asia Information Technology Industry Council

Michal Meidan

Oxford Institute of Energy Studies

Nina Xiang

China Money Network

Courtney R McCaffrey

Geostrategies Group - EY